The OneX Marketing System Will Help Boost Signups and EXPLODE Your Business By Providing You With The Marketing Tools And Training You Need To Be Successful.

You don’t need to be a marketing “Guru” in order for this system to work for you. As a matter of fact, this system can work for you even if you know zero about marketing!

“As a father of two and seasonal lawn care business owner, I have very little time to market my online businesses. Having access to the capture page has allowed me to leverage my time and expand my OneX business with little to no effort. I was extremely impressed with the ease and simplicity of managing my leads with this system…not to mention the moderate price tag. I am thankful for being able to share such a wonderful opportunity with so many around the World!”
John Jastrzebski Landscaping Business Owner

Here Are Just Some of the Awesome Features of the OXMS…

Two HIGHLY Converting Sales Videos

Built In Auto Responder ($19.00/month Value)

 Your leads information is collected and stored for you, so that you can keep track of them. Having the ability to keep track of your leads allows you to know who has been viewing your capture page, so that can connect with them, and answer any questions they may have about getting started in your OneX Business.


Lead Notification

You will be notified every time you get a new prospect, with their contact information, so that you can connect with them, and welcome them to your team when they sign up.

Can you imagine waking up, or coming back home from dinner, and checking your email to discover that you have more prospects and signups into your matrix?

Follow Up Messages

Compelling emails are delivered to your prospects to give them step by step instructions on how to get set up and running in your OneX business, and keep them motivated, so that they can begin upgrading and adding money to your account.

“My wife and I went on a charity bike ride. We couldn’t have had a better time, but it got even better when I got home and sat at my computer and checked my OneX Sponsor tree and I had 6 new members from the great capture page Bryan has created. The capture page is the most amazing thing there is to help get people involved with OneX

Thanks Bryan and Tara for doing so much!”

Dennis Thomson, Professional Networker

EXCLUSIVE Members Only Training Website ($77/month Value)



You will have instant access to training modules from experienced Internet and Network  Marketers that will reveal the most effective ways to market your OneX business, online using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Craigslist just to name a few.

Also, the most effective offline marketing strategies that you can implement while you’re out and about.

These trainings will only include the most powerful strategies that are helping others fill their matrices fast.

“I’ve tried the other “so-called” capture pages to gain more leads with Zero results.  When I found out about Bryan Clark’s Capture Page and implemented it, my Leads skyrocketed without having to pay for other services and spend countless hours promoting my business.  All it took was a few clicks of the mouse for a request and the ideas that I wanted and it was done INSTANTLY! I’ve doubled my return on investment in a very short time.  Now, my business is more marketable and now I’m getting leads with Zero effort!  Thanks for your expertise, hard work, and dedication Bryan!”
Jerrell Turner, Army Soldier/ Entrepreneur

As if that wasn’t enough…



We are Including 4 Free Bonuses that are Sure to Increase Your Signups and Duplication Abilities!


OneX Secret Success Formula ($27 Value)

This comprehensive OneX success quick start guide offers you easy step by step instructions on how to immediately get going with your OneX business.






Bonus #2 

Weekly Google Analytics Report

($47 Value)

This report will tell how your visitors are finding your capture page, and how many times it has been viewed, so that you will know where to focus your marketing efforts.





Bonus# 3

Google Analytics Training ($47 Value)

If you are not familiar with Google Analytics, not to worry, because we will have a special training on how to read your weekly report, so you will know where and when to place your capture page link to get the most traffic and exposure for your business.





 Bonus #4


Domain Masking/Forwarding Tutorial ($37 Value)

A link that is easy to remember converts better than generic links any day. So we will help you mask any domain that you purchase, by providing you with a step by step video tutorial, so that you can increase your exposure.










WARNING!! Limited Time Promotion!
So what are you waiting for? Take action now and get access to the OXMS for the special price of only $19.99! (Activation Fee) Then $14.99/month thereafter (Available for a limited time only!)

  • Highly Converting Capture Page Design
  • Choice of Sales Video
  • Built In Auto Responder
  • Lead Notifications
  • Follow Up Messages
  • Members Only Marketing Training Website
  • OneX Quick Start Guide
  • Weekly Google Analytics Report
  • Google Analytics Video Tutorial
  • Domain Masking Video Tutorial
  • LIFETIME Access and Upgrades

$19.99(Activation Fee WAIVED) then $14.99/month 

Regular Price $29.99(One Time Setup Fee) Plus $19.99/month)



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